The club was originally founded in the fall of 2001 under the name of Long Island Classic Corvettes. The first informal meeting was held in the parking lot of the Oak Beach Inn (now long gone).  The meeting wasn’t planned – it just happened when a small group of owners of older Corvettes started talking. Founder of the club Richie Shields and his friends dreamed to have friendly corvette club based on "Better people make for a better Corvette Club - when the foundation is friendship!"

Drew Moore put many great shows on the map of Long Island like Vanderbilt Show, and Gold Castle show and many more.

Corvette artist Edward Eksi
designed the logo and it was great addition to impact many to be member of this club.

Founding members are:
Richie Shields
Tony Zabrocki
Drew Moore
Warren Schetzen
Kimberly Rada
Ralph Schroeder
Edward Eksi
Frazer Bharucha
Ralph Cocchiola
Dennis DiTucci
Chris Geiger
Ralph Marigliano Jr.
Steve Owen
Joseph Russotto
Ralph Schroeder
Ron Young
Paul Orlando
Joseph Ulino

Over the years our club evolved many ways but stayed trutful to their members that honesty, trust and friendship are the required foundation without which no social organization can flourish.

Today “LONG ISLAND CORVETTES CLUB” is a private Club.
Our membership dues are
$35 per year.
To become a member you must be sponsored by an existing member.
All membership is through sponsorship only!
If you know an existing member ask him/her to sponsor you.
If you don't know an existing member you might
still be able to join by contacting us with email or phone.
( Returning members do not require a sponsor. )
Click here to download membership application

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