Edward Eksi is a professional illustrator, graphic designer and Corvette artist. He started to work as a designer at the age of 16 long before he graduated from Art College in Istanbul, Turkey. He has BA degree in Graphic Design from Marmara University. He won a number of awards for art and design, car rally posters, packaging and illustrations.

He worked with many New York design and advertising firms, and later becoming Owner-Vice President of Russnell Communications, Inc., a commercial advertising and design company in 1985. Hertz was a major client of the firm and he created a number of car illustrations for them. As a freelancer, he has had many clients in numerous fields, including ocean transport, publishing, manufacturing and printing. Originally a talented airbrush artist, and illustrator, he quickly adapted to the Macintosh based computer designing, becoming highly skilled in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Although his art looks as if it was created in a paint program, his car drawings are painstakingly done in Illustrator in the last stage, allowing them to be printed at any size without loss of fine details.

His love of Corvettes with his abilities as an artist he has become a leading illustrator of Corvette Car Arts and other classic cars, as well as designing numerous logos for a many of the car clubs.
His detailed Corvette art prints collected by many corvette owners from all over the world.

His art prints will be find here:

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