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Grumpy Website Launched

Dear Grumpy friends:

I know it has been a little late, and delayed but I have been working on this project almost every day to perfect it and I finally posted first prototype of our Grumpy Guys Garage Website today.

Web site is still in development many things are in template which I created for pages with generic texts, and mock up pictures which sometime doesn’t mean anything and will continuously replace them and update it to regular story with headlines, pictures etc,. everyday until it’s complete. Now, I need pictures from our members, any pictures that they may have; their Corvettes, portrait pictures, biography, our garage pictures, stories, I mean anything that I could post here.

You could email at: info@grumpyguysgarage.com, or edwardeksi@gmail.com which is in all over this website, also you could fill out the form and send me anything you may ask.

Hope to see you Thursday,


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Author: edwardeksi@LIC